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20 Aug 2020

Change of Margin Requirement

Dear Client,

We will adjust the margin requirement after 28August market close. Please pay attention to the market condition, manage your open positions more prudently and to reserve sufficient margin.

The adjustments of margin requirement will be as follow:
Current Margin Requirement Margin Requirement after Trading Close of 28August (Until Further Notice)
Required Margin 5% of currency contract value (or Maximum Leverage of 20:1) No Changes
Margin Call Notification Below 4% of Open Positions Value (i.e., 80% of Margin Ratio) Below 3% of Open Positions Value (i.e., 60% of Margin Ratio)
Auto-Closeout Level Below 2% of Open Positions Value (i.e., 40% of Margin Ratio) Below 1.5% of Open Positions Value (i.e., 30% of Margin Ratio)
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