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14 Sep 2020

Notice of Amendments to the Website Domain, Client Agreement & Brand Logo

Notice of Amendments to the Website Domain, Client Agreement & Brand Logo

Dear Clients:

Thank you very much for supporting Forex HK Limited (“ Forex”).

Please be advised that, effective 19 September 2020, Forex will make the following changes:

(A) Official website*

Before amendment After amendment

*Please bookmark our new website URL
**Our Company name and email address will remain unchanged

(B) Amendments to the Client Agreement:

Client Agreement(will be updated on 19Sep2020)

Details of the amendments:

(1) Replace Clause 2.3 & 4.14 with new terms

Before Amendment After Amendment
2.3 Forex will offer the Services during the trading hours of Forex from time to time as specified on Forex's website,
環球通會依照其網站- 中訂明的環球通交易時段內提供服務。
2.3 Forex offers leveraged trading in rolling spot foreign exchange contracts. The Client is responsible for regularly reviewing the trading rules posted on Forex HK's website (, including but not limited to services offered, margin requirement and rules, trading market hours, fees and commissions, order types and features and rollover details, and agrees to be bound by them.
4.14 The Client confirms that Forex may take the opposite position of any trading order placed by the Client.
4.14 Forex act as the counterparty of the client's transaction and the client may be subject to Forex's credit risk. The Client acknowledges that trading in Forex involves over-the-counter (OTC) risk. All leveraged foreign exchanges contracts are traded OTC rather than on an exchange. There is no centralised pricing source and the price of the leveraged foreign exchanges transaction is determined by Forex. The transaction in OTC products may involve greater risk than investing in exchange traded products because there is no exchange market on which to close out an open position.

(2) Insert the highlighted terms into Clause 5 & Clause 5.1

After Amendment
交易價格、執行&滑點 (“執行政策”)
5.1 All foreign exchange dealing rates offered by Forex to the Client are based on current rates and are real-time. Forex aggregates bid and ask prices from GMO CLICK Securities, Inc., (“CLICK”), affiliates of Forex, which is the sole liquidity provider of Forex. The quotes provided to Client by Forex and order execution price include a mark-up over liquidity provider's prices. The prices provided by CLICK to Forex are determined by reference to several independent banks and financial institutions. Forex adopts pre-hedging practices. Once a client places an order, Forex immediately hedges an order which is identical to the client's order directly with CLICK. Client's order will be executed only when Forex completes its hedging with CLICK. Forex does not act as a market maker in any currency pairs (except for contingency circumstances) and does not take opposite positions to client orders. Forex is reliant on CLICK for liquidity. There are certain limitations to liquidity that can affect the final execution of client's order. For more details about execution policy, please visit the Company's website. (
所有由環球通向客戶提供的外匯交易價格是根據現有的價格及即時的。環球通依靠其關聯公司GMO CLICK Securities, Inc.(“CLICK”)提供買入價及賣出價。CLICK是環球通唯一的流通量提供者。環球通向客戶提供的報價和訂單執行價格已包含從流通量提供商提供的價格的提價。CLICK向環球通提供的價格參考了數間第三方銀行和金融機構。環球通採用事前對沖政策。當客戶發出下單指令,環球通會立刻向CLICK發出一樣的下單指令。只有當環球通與CLICK成功對沖,客戶的訂單才會執行。環球通不是任何貨幣對的做市商(除了於應急情況下), 亦不會與客戶的交易指示進行對盤。環球通依靠CLICK提供流通量。這樣的流通量有一定的局限性,可能影響客戶訂單的最終執行。如欲了解有關環球通執行的詳請,請瀏覽公司網頁 (

(C) Brand logo:

Before amendment After amendment
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