GMO CLICK Global Newsroom

04 Aug 2016

GMO CLICK Group Announces Fiscal Year 2016/17 Q1 Results

Summary of Financial Results (01 Apr 2016 to 30 Jun 2016)
Revenue of 7.808 billion Yen, down 0.4% from last year
Net profit of 2.272 billion Yen, up 24.8% from last year

GMO CLICK Holdings, Inc., a leading online financial services provider in Japan and the parent company of Forex HK Limited, announced its first quarter financial results for the fiscal year ending 30 Jun, 2016 with revenue of 7.808 billion Yen, down 0.4% from the previous year.

During Q1 of our fiscal year, the employment conditions and Japanese economy have gradually improved. However, there still exists uncertainty within corporate profitability and personal consumption.

The Japanese Yen soared to 106 against the US dollar after further Quantitative and Qualitative Monetary Easing (QQE) by the Bank of Japan at the end of April, but later pared its gains, leading to a drop in Japanese equities. With the support of rising oil prices and increasing expectations for a US interest rate hike, the dollar gained momentum, causing the Yen to depreciate relatively. Soon after, the unexpected result of the EU referendum led to investors seeking for a safe-haven, with the Yen reaching its highest level at 99 against the dollar. Meanwhile, the Nikkei 225 fell at the fastest rate in 16 years, down to its lowest level year-to-date.

Despite the turmoil in the global economy, GMO CLICK will continue to strengthen the core business approach as we constantly strive to improve our market share and to increase our profitability.

GMO CLICK Holdings, Inc., the parent company of GMO CLICK Group, is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (JASDAQ Securities Exchange Code: 7177). Forex HK Limited and Bullion HK Limited are wholly-owned subsidiaries of GMO CLICK Holdings, Inc.

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