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  • STEP:1 Complete Online Application Form

    Fill in the required information in the Online Application Form and review your details before you submit the Form.

    We recommend you to have the following document(s) ready before you start:

    • Bank account proof e.g. copy of passbook, ATM card or bank statement if you opt to have your bank account pre-registered for "Online Withdrawal Request ".
    • Document containing your employment information such as your business card

    You may need to take about 5 to 10 mins to fill in the online application form.

  • STEP:2 Submit Form and Supporting Documents

    2-1. Signed and Completed Application Form

    Download and print the completed Form. Otherwise, you may request for us to send the completed Form to you by post. Upon receiving your request, it will be sent to you within 1 business day. Please sign and return your completed Form to us.
    Submission Method: Post

    2-2. Supporting Documents

    2-2-1.Identification Document

    A photocopy of your valid government-issued ID bearing your photo, e.g. Hong Kong ID Card, China ID card or passport.
    Submission Method: Upload, Post, Fax or E-mail

    2-2-2.Personal Cheque

    • has your name printed on it;
    • is made payable to " Forex HK Limited ";
    • issued at a minimum amount of HKD 10,000 or more;
    • is to be drawn on your account with a licensed bank in Hong Kong;
    • has same signature as on the application form; and
    • the cheque must be encashable.

    Submission Method: Post
    Please note that your account with Forex HK Limited will only be activated after the cheque has been cleared. Respective funds credited to your account can be used for forex trading.

    Note: If you cannot submit your personal cheque, you must have the application form and ID proof certified. For further information, please contact our Client Services officer.

    2-2-3.Address Proof (PO boxes are not acceptable)

    A photocopy of residential proof showing your name and current residential address, issued within the previous 3 months.(e.g. utilities bill, credit card statements or bank statements)
    Submission Method: Upload, Post, Fax or E-mail

    2-2-4.Bank Account Proof (if applicable)

    If you opt to have your bank account pre-registered for "Online Withdrawal Request " service, please submit bank account proof e.g. a copy of passbook, cash card or bank statement. This requirement will be waived if you submit your bank statement as address proof.
    Submission Method: Upload, Post, Fax or E-mail

    2-3. Submission Methods
    UPLOAD The file upload service is available to every client. You may upload via the link provided in the e-mail issued to you after completion of the online application form.
    POST Forex HK Limited
    Suites 2308-09, 23/F, Tower 1, The Gateway, Harbour City, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    FAX (852) 3923 8099
  • STEP:3 Application Review and Approval

    For a fully completed application, it normally takes only 1 - 2 business days to activate your Forex trading account.

    Once your account has been activated, you will receive User ID by post and default password by email separately.

  • STEP:4 Let's Get Started!

    Log in to your trading account via our website and change the initial password provided to you to protect your account information. Once your account has been sufficiently funded, you are ready to make your first trade!

    To deposit funds into your Forex account, please click here for more information.

FAQs – Accounts:

Before you begin, please read the following:

Eligibility Requirements

To open an Individual Account with us, you must be able to meet our Eligibility Requirements detailed below.

  1. You are not a resident of Japan;
  2. You are not a citizen or resident of the United States of America;
  3. You must be aged 18 or above;
  4. You have fulfilled our system requirements;
  5. You have a personal email address and phone number; and
  6. You are the beneficiary account holder,