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All-in-one browser interface that parallels any desktop platforms

Rich innovative features all in one simple to use browser-based trading platform - no downloads or software installation required.

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One-Click Order

Instantaneous execution with just a single-click. With One-Click order, you may open, close, close & reverse or close all positions with the same currency contract without missing a chance to trade.

One-Click Order User Guide

All-in-One Trading Screen

High Trading Flexibility - you can place, amend or cancel orders at any time while assessing market situation with real-time forex quotes and charts.

Fully Customisable Order Panels

Other than clicking on the price board, you may also place your order by activating the Order Panel.

Select from our pool of order types including Market, Limit, Stop, IFD, OCO, IFDOCO and One-Click order. You may open up to 10 order panels and move them anywhere in the browser.

Supported System Requirements

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Version Updates

Version 2.0.0 (Released on 5 December 2020)
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Version Upgrade Upgraded from Flash version to HTML5 version.

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