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We devote ourselves to build a solid foundation for security precaution in order to promote our services’ safe use. In the meantime, we suggest that the following precautions for you to proceed safe online trading.

We have the following recommendations for cyber security precaution:

Pay attention while trading online

  • Please keep your PC Operation System up-to-date, and get the latest version for any software which has security updates.
  • Get the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware software.
  • Please protect your "User ID" and password while using others' or public computers.
  • You should log out in time after using others' or public computers.
  • Please set up adequate security level while using wifi.
  • Smartphone with Google Authenticator app installed and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) QR code must be managed by client safely.

Protect your passwords

Your "User ID" and password are all important information which can verify your identity. Please protect your password very well.

  • Change your login password regularly;
  • Do not use the same password for other websites;
  • Set a strong password by avoiding easily guessed password (e.g., words related to personal information such as "User ID", date of birth and information exposed on your social media; the repeated letters; etc.);
  • Do not share your password with others.

Typical cyber crime and relevant precautions

Phishing Website
Under most circumstances, phishing websites pretend to be banks, credit card companies or normal shopping websites, send you an email and tries to trick you into revealing personal information. Please verify the below points to protect yourself from such scam activities.

<Precautions to Phishing Website>

1. Make sure you are using the correct URL
Please confirm if the domain name (letters colored in red) shown on the address bar in URL of the website to which you are to be logging in. The domain name is "" and immediately followed by "/".

Website URL
Official Corporate Website
Login Website - (Real Account)
Login Website (Demo Account)

2. We recommend you to use bookmark function to enter the trading platform and our website after verifying the above points

Scam Emails
Please make sure that email address for all the emails sent by Forex will be “”. (XXX may vary according to email contents)
Nevertheless, you may still have chance to receive scam emails. Please be aware of the following three points:

1. Do not easily reply to any email asking for your personal information.
You will never be requested from us by email to provide such sensitive information as "User ID", password and 2FA token.

2. Please refer to “Precautions to Phishing Website” above while you receive any email which contains URL links and make sure the URL links are correct.

3. Do not open the files attached to the email sent from an unknown sender.

External links and references

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