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Get the following data through the Simulated Calculator:

Required Margin

Required margin for opening new orders

Margin Call

The price level when margin ratio falls below 60%


The price level when margin ratio falls below 30%

Maximum Trade Lots

The maximum lots you can open according to your deposit amount

The Value of Pips

The value of pips converted to HKD

Profit & Loss

Simulate the profit or loss from closing the position

Simulated Calculator

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所需保證金: -
賣出 買入 點差 每點價值
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-greencolorolspan="2" scope="col">開倉價
存入金額 貨幣對 買賣方向 交易手數
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可持最大手數: -
槓桿比率 維持保證金水平 自動平倉水平
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計算後預期盈虧: -

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