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Open Account and Reap Over HKD10,000 Rewards!

Open Account and Reap Over HKD10,000 Rewards!
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Terms and Conditions

Promotional Period: This offer shall only apply to new FX trading account applications received and successfully opened from 1 October to 31 December 2023.
The Offer:
  1. Account Opening Reward: Apply and submit the account opening documents during the promotion period to get: HKD200 rewards of coupon

  2. Deposit Reward: Clients must successfully deposit a sufficient amount of money within 30 days after account opening and must not withdraw the deposit and/or close the account within 30 days from date of deposit. (This does not apply to changes in the account amount due to transactions.)
    Deposit Amount Rewards
    HKD100,000 or above HKD500
    HKD200,000 or above HKD1,000
  3. Trading Reward: Successfully open account during promotion period and achieve target trading volume, base on open position, trade any currency pairs within 30 days and receive corresponding rewards of your choice:
    Target Trading Volume Rewards
    8Lots HKD800
    28Lots HKD1,800
    288Lots HKD3,800
    888Lots HKD10,000
Rewards will be given out in the form of gift vouchers. Eligible clients can choose coupon from the listed shop (Coupon must be redeemed in a whole number subject to a minimum of $1000 for each selected shop, and the remaining balance, when applicable, must be redeemed subject to a minimum of $800): ParknShop / HKTVmall / Apple

Each new client can only enjoy the Trading Reward once during the entire promotion period.
Important Disclaimers: This offer shall only apply to new clients who apply and successfully open FX trading account from from1 October to 31 December 2023 with proper Account Opening Documents submitted. Account Opening Reward will be sent out upon successful account opening. In order to get the Deposit Reward and/or Trading Reward, clients must fullfill the above deposit and/or trading requirement within 30 days from account opening, and the coupons will be sent out within one month. This offer shall only apply to new clients who have not opened a trading account with Forex previously. Each client and each account may enjoy the offer once only. New clients are not eligible to participate in other Forex account opening promotions. Forex reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to change these Terms and Conditions and/or modify, discontinue or terminate this promotion offer at any time without prior notice. In the event of any dispute, the decision of Forex shall be final and conclusive.

You should not make investment decisions based on this promotion alone. You should have regard to your own financial situation, investment experience and investment objectives. Further, you should pay attention to and understand the unique features and risks of any particular foreign currency pairs that you are planning to invest into.


Login Trader Web

  1. Enter "Transaction" > "Activities" page
  2. Click "Transaction" and select "Open", adjust the period (Within 30 days after account opening date)
  3. Click "Search" to show trading volume, or click "Download CSV" to download trading record
Any further questions please feel free to contact our Client Support at 3923 8088.