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Did You Know You Can Earn
Interest While Trading FX?

Take advantage of interest rate differences and earn passive income


As inflation has still remained above the key target levels worldwide in 2023Q2, central banks have continued to raise the benchmark interest rates. The U.S. has seen a raise to 5.25%, while Canada and the Eurozone have increased to 4.75% and 4%, respectively. On the other hand, Japan and Switzerland have retained their relatively loose interest rate policies. Japan is still at an extremely low rate of negative 0.1%, while Switzerland has minorly raised the rate to 1.75%.

The differences in the tightness of the interest rate policies have resulted in interest rate differences amongst various currencies. As a result, by holding relatively high interest rate currencies and/or shorting relatively low interest rate currencies overnight, you will be able to generate a positive overnight interest rate income. Forex provides ultra competitive spreads to clients. With the use of leverage, clients may increase potential returns while keeping trading costs to the minimum. You may not only earn profits from trading FX, but also interest rates. Using the USD/JPY pair, for example, the daily interest rate return for each lot is HKD11.32, and the required margin is only as low as HKD3,908.

Distinct Characteristics of FX Trading

Hold High Interest Rate Currencies and Earn Daily

Hold High Interest Rate Currencies and Earn Daily

Generate extra income in addition to your FX trading gains

Buy and Sell Anytime

Buy and Sell Anytime

High flexibility with no fixed commitment period

15 Products for You to Trade

15 Products for You to Trade

Choose the currency pair which fits your investment goals and trade as you like

2023Q2 Top 2 Currency Pairs with Highest Interest Rate Return


Required Margin1
Approx. 3,908 HKD

Earn Overnight Interest2
Average 11.32 HKD Per Day

Total Return Between April to June
1,030.09 HKD


Required Margin 1
Approx. 3,908 HKD

Earn Overnight Interest2
Average 7.89 HKD Per Day

Total Return Between April to June
718.36 HKD

2023Q2 Overnight Interest Rate Ranking by Currency Pair

2023Q2 Overnight Interest Rate Ranking by Currency Pair

Profits and Losses from High Interest Rate Currencies Explained

*The data below are for reference only. The USD/HKD exchange rate is fixed at 7.85 for illustrative purposes, and the actual rates may differ. Please refer to your trading account for the actual rates.

Earning from Trades along with Positive Overnight Interests
Losing from Trades while Earning Positive Overnight Interests
Earning from Trades while Losing Overnight Interests
Losing from Trades along with Overnight Interests

Tips on Overnight Interest

How is a High Overnight Interest Rate Generated?

  • A wide interest rate difference continues to remain throughout 2023Q2
  • Japan has maintained a negative 0.1% interest rate, while Switzerland has remained at a low level of 1.75%. The U.S., Canada, and Eurozone have raised to 5.25%, 4.75%, and 4%, respectively, further widening the interest rate differences
  • As the interest rate for yen remains low, and the U.S. dollar is relatively much higher, buying USD/JPY is conceptually borrowing JPY at a low interest rate to purchase USD to earn a high interest rate, thus generating interests
  • The widening of interest rate differences has enhanced the carry trade effect

How to Earn Overnight Interests?

  • Overnight interests will be generated by holding positions overnight at 6:00 a.m. Hong Kong Time (New York Winter Time) or 5 a.m. Hong Kong Time (New York Summer Time), and will be reflected in the account balance automatically (more details)
    For open positions held overnight through Wednesday's Trading Close, "3-Day" overnight interest will be realized in order to account for the settlement of trades through the weekend period.
  • You may earn interest by buying a relatively high interest rate currency. Conversely, you will need to pay interest for holding a relatively low interest rate currency

How to Check the Overnight Interests?

The Pros and Cons of Using Leverage In Foreign Exchange Trading

  • Foreign exchange involves leverage (max. 20 times as specified by the SFC). All interest rate effects, along with changes in the prices, will be magnified
  • High flexibility with no fixed commitment period
  • Please be aware of the possibility of trading losses incurred while holding positions overnight to earn interest rates
1. The required margin is calculated using data from 21st July 2023
2. The average daily interest rate is calculated by the total interest amount earned between April to June 2023 divided by 91 days
All data provided are for reference only, and do not constitute any offer, solicitation or advice for any investment products.

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Overnight Interest

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